Servando Vasquez

    O: 832.952.2100

    "Real Relationships. Real Results"

    Servando Vasquez’s motto comes from the best advice he ever got: “You must create success in your own mind. Set goals, invest in yourself, and make them happen!” He listened and did just that – earning his license to pursue a career as a Realtor.

    A Houston native, Servando first became interested in real estate when he was a student in high school. He particularly enjoyed driving around, looking at model homes, getting ideas about styles that were trending, and learning everything he could about Houston’s many diverse neighborhoods. The more he learned, the more real estate became a passion.

    Dependable and trustworthy, Servando pays very close attention to detail, and dedicates great time and energy into reaching his clients’ objectives, needs and wants. He’s also a good communicator who strives to keep in touch and update clients on any important matters and market changes. .

    Believing strongly in the value of always being pro-active and scrupulous about doing what he has promised to do, he is also very motivated and confident when it comes to his job. Above all, he is a positive and enthusiastic person who relishes a challenge, all of which makes him an excellent negotiator.

    Add to that his excellent computer skills and technical literacy, his fluency in Spanish, his diversity sensitivity, and his strategic planning skills, it’s no wonder that client satisfaction is an inevitable result.


    IMG_7089 I was very satisfied on how he kept me inform by phone or email. He has very good skills and knowledge of what he is doing. I received very good services from him and I would recommend him to others. That is why my rating is high on him.
    Margarita Perez said,