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Cesar Antonello

O: 346.978.1771

"Real Relationships. Real Results"

Do you know why I stared at the world of Real Estate? Since I like meeting new people every day, and I enjoy helping and lead the people to get their dreams come true. When we will start to work together, you are not going to be my client, you will be my friend, moreover, the necessities and the wishes of my friends are my goal. I believe in customer service before, during, and after the process. I will help you to find the best place where you will feel confident and secure to build and see growing you and your family.

I am from Venezuela, I am a system engineer, and I have my license as an HVAC technician as well. My biggest priority is providing you the best service to help you find a property for you. Believe me, I’m pretty honest and trustful with my customers, and I will be able to lead you in the whole path to find the happiness.

Real Relationships. Real Results


IMG_4096We couldn’t have chosen a better Realtor!
Elaine Luna said,